Accenture consulting case studies

Pay attention to cues.


In all cases, a consensus exists to say that Accenture is an ideal place to start a career in consulting a bit late. In practice, however, the idea of creating multi-tiered supply chain networks administered by one point of control is picking up pace.

If at all possible, get on a project that is as strategy focused as you can — something involving building a business case and with minimal Accenture consulting case studies focus.

As best-of-breed outsourcing— in terms of transportation and logistics function, vertical specialization, technology sophistication, and geographic coverage— continues to grow and add layers of complexity to the extended value chain, visibility and accountability need to be centralized in a common nexus.

What can you do to improve your odds of breaking into this notoriously competitive industry.

Accenture case study interview

So this is true, but does Accenture focus more maths than other firms. I have been there and done exactly that. But, you should really ask yourself how you will be able to stand out from the crowd later on.

The interviewer really wants you to do well. For example, some highly specialized automotive 4PLs offer detailing and finalization of options as a standard part of their car delivery services.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any advice from you guys will be valuable. So, shake off the nerves, relax and have fun.

How to Ace an Accenture Interview – and Why You Want To (Or Not)

On-campus interview Round 3: When you expand this business model globally and across multiple vertical organizations, a horizontal layer of control— driven by technology, geography, or corporate governance— is often compulsory.

This is also true. That opinion is swiftly changing— about as quickly as outsourcing companies redefine 4PL and LLP expectations. Lewis agrees there are fundamental distinctions between U. The interviewer is your biggest asset in the room.

Decentralization is a common strategy for locating resources closer to demand, thereby increasing responsiveness and time to market, and reducing transportation costs. If your networking efforts are bland or your CV is too technically focused, your efforts will fall flat.

Develop a graphical model explaining how a Fortune firm would select a consulting organization. Let's clear out some of the blurred items about the different between Accenture Case Study Interview and any typical case interview in this article.

Leading, global investment bank providing M&A and strategic options to owners of mid-market companies in knowledge - led industries, such as technology, media, engineering, and management consulting.


Offices in London, New York, Singapore and Sydney. Accenture is a leading global professional services company providing a range of services & solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology & operations.

Management Consulted is dedicated to helping you break into the consulting world via interview prep, resume help, networking tips and more. Contact us today! Accenture Case Study Solution Accenture Case Study Solution Introduction Accenture is one of the largest consulting firms in the world and one of the largest computer services and software companies.

Creative and free-thinking, yet rigorous, methodical, and data-driven.

Land that dream consulting offer

At boomerang, we resolve the inherent tensions of our business by blending these contrasting, yet so very complementary skills and methods to deliver end-to-end digital solutions for the life science sector.

Accenture consulting case studies
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How to Ace an Accenture Interview - Accenture case interview questions