Geo politics of bangladesh other issues

Commodities from India after were to be transported to North-Eastern part of India across eastern Pakistan. There are two issues that may guide our relationship with other countries of South Asia.


Facilitating trade and economic cooperation between India and Bangladesh is crucial for generating goodwill and bringing shared prosperity to both countries.

However, Pakistan protested on the grounds that this action would wreak havoc on the environment. India seems to have been created a ground for dispatching military weapons to north-eastern provinces in the name of transit system across Bangladesh if necessary.

Geopolitical Importance of Bangladesh

By the 5th century BC, the Indo-Aryan civilization, moving eastward along the Ganges river, was at the doorstep of the Bengal region. There is considerable fishing activity in the area.

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Very practically we see now and then Indian BSF solders kills many Bangladeshis but we can not take those killings in consider to talk to them avoiding the geo political reality.

I n order to meet its objective of maximizing revenue collection, the Mughal revenue system recognized the importance of keeping the cultivators content and incentivized so that they would continue to bring more and more virgin forest lands under the plough.

It is strange that according to the ESCAP-crafted laws Bangladesh cannot even propose any amendment to the AH routes now without signing the agreement first. It continued till Thus Indian desire to use Bangladesh ports becomes easier to fulfil.

Official data show that compared totrade deficit in is more than 46 times higher1 IMF: First of all geopolitical location of Bangladesh appeared for itself in some cases has been disadvantages as so its been very disadvantageous to India also.

Geo-strategy of Bangladesh is the strategy of the country which has taken to protect her national interest and geographical integrity. Construction of Farakka barrage and possibility of constructing more other barrages also appeared as a weakness given by the nature to Bangladesh which we are considering as a geopolitical disadvantage to Bangladesh.

The project is scheduled for completion in Maritime boundary negotiations commenced in but have stalled because of differing perceptions on the applicability of the principles of international law in delimiting the maritime boundary.

The barrage when completed in is supposed to provide megawatts of hydel power to the Indian state of Assam but in return its going to bring about a major disaster for Bangladesh, practically contributing to drying up of km long Surma and km long Kushiara rivers which water most of the north-eastern regions of Bangladesh.

Rather, this faithlessness and lack of confidence is created by India only because of their big brotherly attitude from India. The corridor has a long and complex background. Due to increasing deforestation in the foothills of the Himalayans, the amount of erosion is growing.

The cattle-smugglers of West Bengal, their knowledge of the border areas, the gaps and the vulnerable areas through which infiltration could happen, their contacts with cattle traders and truckers in the hinterland of India and their contacts with cattle merchants in Bangladesh, all of this combines to form a massive cross-country network.

Bangladesh is enclosed almost entirely by India. It might be presumed that if a war between India and Nepal is happened, the Shiliguri corridor would be closed and in that case Indian troops would have no other way but to march forward by transit route across Bangladesh.

Politics of Bangladesh

There is no indication how the Nepalese and Bhutanese traffic will move westward along AH if the current route alignments stick. Though India has claimed that it will not hamper Bangladesh, but the Farakka Dam is an example for everyone in Bangladesh how it made the disaster.

But, if India dispatches commodities using Bangladeshi transport through Bangladeshi land, we may call it transshipment system. Geo-politics of Bangladesh refers to the inter-state politics of the country which is dependent on its territory.

Bangladesh has importance in both South Asia and in the world for its geographical location. Introduction. Bangladesh is a small country with a great geopolitical importance, situated at the conjunction of South Asia and South East Asia which is regarded by political scientist D.C.

Barman as “highly sensitive” considering its geographical, economic and political importance in the region. Politics of Bangladesh takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is the head of government, and of a multi-party system.

Geo political importance of Bangladesh for other countries: Not only India has interest over the geopolitical location of Bangladesh. But also courti­ers like Nepal, Bhotan, China, and USA and even courtiers like Japan and Australia are showing their interest considering the geo political importance of Bangladesh.

The Geopolitics is a journal of International Relations. It deconstructs and analyzes trending and major international Geopolitics encourages debate, embraces divergent ideas and does not identify itself with only one school of thought.

Watch video · Terror-linked violence aside, other downwards risks to the rating include shocks to Bangladesh's external position, including sharp declines in remittances or exports, and contingent liabilities.

Geo politics of bangladesh other issues
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