Less controlled writing activities

Once they have read it, ask them to write an outline of the essay in the following way: However, should the teacher start with free activities, students don't have the confidence or skills to use the language successfully. This store is a good place to start, she thinks.

According to the theory given by Canale and Swain as stated in Measuring Second Language Performance by Tim McNamara, about communicative competence, one of the aspect that build communicative competence is grammatical competence, in which knowledge of lexical items and rules of morphology, syntax, sentence grammar semantics, and phonology.

For example if you use quizzes or flashcards to drill the language there will be just one solution. An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy 2nd edition.

Controlled Practice and Free Practice

Peachy, N Teach English: She has many good memories of that year. Teachers should correct most important errors or certain errors. So, the first sentence of the story will be: Select a number of sentences.

However, the actual torch ceremony dates back to Ancient Greece. Some forms of dictation fall into this category.

Controlled Writing Activities

Students correct their own work and the teacher moves around the class to supervise. Helen was a bilingual secretary. And what is automaticity.

Controlled Practice and Free Practice

Matching beginning and ending sentences: Before the final draft submitted, the students can help each other by proofreading and editing.

My name is … C. One student has half of the crossword puzzle answers and the other student has the other half. The activities must start with very teacher-controlled activities, and move to less teacher-controlled ones.

Controlled and Uncontrolled Classroom Activity/Game

Present Perfectand functions i. Lesson Structure Written by Chris Cotter Any lesson will incorporate a series of activities that allow students to practice and reinforce the target language or skill. In other words, the more elements students have to juggle, the better.

Controlled practice: 13 variations on the same grammar activity

Controlled practice has a role to play as a sort of rehearsal, so to speak, for real-life communication down the road. 3. This rehearsal should bear at least some degree of resemblance to spontaneous language use. Posts about Semi Controlled Activities written by Lisa Doherty.

Aug 13,  · Re: Controlled and Uncontrolled Classroom Activity/Game In a PM Prax asked me to talk about semi-controlled activities too. Prax is right - between the CP and FP activities which I described, there's too great a jump in difficulty.

Controlled practice exercises are an integral part of the lesson as they strengthen the student’s knowledge of each individual language point. Free practice activities are also essential as they allow the student to experiment with the language without having to produce specific answers.

In activities that are controlled, as a teacher you should know the answers,as there will be just one possible answer.

Controlled Practice Activities

For example if you use quizzes or flashcards to drill the language there will be just one solution. Before getting directly to the free practice teachers often use semi-controlled activities to maintain interest.

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Less controlled writing activities
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