Service quality in commercial banks

Conclusion The dissatisfied customers find responsiveness and empathy dimension as the twin concept that is lacked by the bank. Customers take a keen interest on those who keep their promises in time.

Findings from this study further show a positive and significant relationship exists between the organizational commitment and service quality. These values have been chosen after a preliminary tuning phase, in which different values of the parameters have been tested.

Journal of Brand Management, 9 45Kotler, P. In service-based industries, according to Hoffman and Ingramjob satisfaction is an antecedent of customer-oriented behaviour.

A couple of studies in the steel industry and electronic meeting systems reported higher satisfaction and performance levels under directive leadership style when given a highly structured task, while supportive leadership style is preferred for unstructured problems Downey et al.


More in detail, the work described in [ 15 ] proposed a very simple and effective implementation Service quality in commercial banks the GP algorithm that allows GP to use the semantic operators in a feasible way.

The Path-Goal theory suggests a threefold classification of leader behaviours, as described below. Are your account notes diligently updated.

Banks and Bank Systems, Volume 1, Issue 2, Besides, this research also provides recommendations and directions for future research. We will refer to the proposed system with the term GS-GP geometric semantic genetic programming.

The census was used to collect data from operation manager while systematic random sampling was used to collect data from customers. The results revealed that service quality significantly contributed to customer satisfaction at. This was followed by respondents who had worked between years Journal of Marketing, Volume Consequently, it is sound to assume that supportive leadership behaviour is able to enhance the levels of employee service quality to customers Slatten, Journal of Retailing, 69 1: This is the implementation used in this paper and also documented in [ 25 ].

According to the results reported in the table, the differences in terms of training and test fitness between GS-GP and all the other considered techniques are statistically significant. Leadership is a social influence process in which the leader seeks the voluntary participation of subordinates in an effort to reach organization goals Omolayo,a process whereby one person exerts social influence over other members of the group Bamigboye,a process of influencing the activities of an individual or a group of individuals in an effort towards goal achievement in given situations Akanwa,and a relational concept involving both the influencing agent and the person being influenced Eze, Improving the measurement of service quality.

This is an indication that majority of respondents given positions in banks are married so as to ensure stability at the job and easy acceptance of any assignments given that they are settled and their families can accompany them to ease the process of adaptation thus explaining why they spent more than 3 years on the job.

Therefore this study recommends that management should pay attention to service quality and other factors which may lead to customer satisfaction. Determining customer satisfaction through perceived service quality:.

To identify the best service quality among the commercial banks LITERATURE REVIEW Customer is the person or group that is the direct beneficiary of a project or service. banking services can be accepted as a powerful marketing tool to keeps close connections between the customer and management in financial institutions [21].

The findings demonstrated that service quality, customer satisfaction and image have significant and positive influence on customer loyalty in Malaysian commercial. Service quality dimensions: an empirical investigation of commercial banks in India using SERVQUAL In a service industry like banking, measuring service quality as seen from the `eyes' of customers is complex.

Superior service quality can help banks achieve competitive advantage.

An Assessment of Service Quality of

This study examined determinants of customer retention in commercial banks in this study focused on determinants of customer retention in Tanzania commercial banking services.

study failed to show the relationship between customer service, price of banks products, quality of the products developed by banks and customer satisfaction.

INTERNET BANKING & CUSTOMER RETENTION-A STUDY ON THE the commercial banks in India. HDFC Bank Ltd. is one of them. Now internet banking is a very Does Reliability affect Customer retention in context of HDFC Bank?

Hypothesis: 1. Service Quality affects Customer retention in context of HDFC Bank. 2. Responsiveness affects Customer.

Service quality in commercial banks
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